More about my research:

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Research Projects

Here is a sample of my ongoing/recent research projects. The goal is not to provide a comprehensive list of everything I study, nor to present details of a particular study, but to offer a quick look at my program of research.


1. Personality and adaptability
  • Personality and adaptive performance at work – how personality traits can predict and help illuminate adaptive performance
  • Personality in teams – how leader proactive personality and team members' need for approval influence team perception and performance
2. Transfer of training
  • A meta-analytic review of maximum and typical transfer of training – how contextual factors affect the nature of transfer
  • Review of job search interventions – what training design issues can influence the effectiveness of job search interventions
3. Personality + Transfer of training
  • Transfer of voluntary training over time – how personality and affective training outcomes influence transfer curves

Aside from the content areas above, I am also interested in a methodological area: psychological measurement, which stems from my interest in personality and the desire to accurately measure it.


Response Effort

  • How to detect and deter insufficient effort responding to surveys
  • What effects insufficient effort responding may have on survey and test data

Summary of Research Articles